And then, perhaps it’s also that DeSantis owned a unique set of powerful issues that appealed to Republicans, like coronavirus and the fight against woke. And I don’t think our poll provides any reason to believe that those things are working for him today. Republican voters, as I mentioned earlier — they think that Donald Trump is likely to beat Joe Biden than Ron DeSantis, even though Trump lost last time, and even though Trump’s candidates lost the midterms. A majority of voters don’t have a favorable impression of Joe Biden. A majority of voters think that Joe Biden has not done a good job as president. And so there’s a lot of voters who, when confronted with this Biden-versus-Trump matchup, they simply seize up, in polling terms, I suppose.

So there are cracks there that, hypothetically, could lead them to support someone else if the circumstances permitted it. It’s much larger than the lead that Donald Trump ever had in the last Republican primary. It’s bigger than any of the leads that Hillary Clinton had in 2016 or 2008.

It shows the president and the former president still tied among registered voters, each at 43 percent. The third issue is a little bit different from the first two, and that’s that Biden is not faring well, by traditional Democratic standards, among Black and Hispanic voters. Among all registered voters, Biden only has a 71-to-12 lead among Black voters, and he’s only up 41 to 38 among Hispanic voters. Polls will have margin of errors ordinarily, and then when you drill down into smaller groups, those margin of errors get even bigger.

I mean, ordinarily, talking about the general election 15 months out might be a little ridiculous, but we’ve had this election before. So Nate, “The Times” did a second poll. We just talked about the poll of Republican primary voters. You all simultaneously did a poll of a potential general election in which Trump faces Joe Biden. They think Trump is likelier to get things done than Ron DeSantis, even though Ron DeSantis would seem to have a very impressive set of conservative policy accomplishments.

NBC station WSFA of Montgomery reported that four arrest warrants have been issued in connection with the altercation and “there’s a possibility more will follow after the review of additional video”. After the arrival of police officers, the brawl subsided – and then briefly reignited before police began cuffing the participants, Black and white. Walters, who has denied wrongdoing in the case, was granted clemency by President Trump on his final day in office in 2021. “Based on our relationship and what I’ve since learned from others, Phil’s gambling losses [between 2010 and 2014] approached not $40 million as has been previously reported, but much closer to $100 million,” Walters writes. “My reason for partnering with him was simple. Given my reputation in the gambling world, my limits with Phil’s two bookmakers were roughly $20,000 a game on college and $50,000 on the pros,” Walters wrote.

  • The alleged request came during the 2012 Ryder Cup in Medinah, Ill., which the U.S. lost after Europe overcame a 10-6 deficit on the final day.
  • Maybe if they did, it would go a lot better for them than it’s gone for Ron DeSantis.
  • And I find it hard to believe that the people who believe he’s a criminal or who believe that he’s a threat to democracy can be talked out of that too easily with the right words on the trail.

The poll finds that the base of MAGA voters is about 37 percent of all Republicans. And these are people who said that they had a very favorable view of Donald Trump and said they strongly supported him in the Republican primary. My colleague, Nate Cohn, analyzes a new set of “Times” polls that answer those questions.


One is something that could be a problem for any president running for re-election, which is that voters don’t like the state of the economy, and they don’t think the country is heading in the right direction. An overwhelming majority of voters still think America is heading off on the wrong track, and voters don’t have a good impression of the economy either. Well, the MAGA base doesn’t account for all of Trump’s support, but it is a lot of it.

And those perceptions of the economy are much worse than they were in the summer of 2020 at the depths of the COVID recession, when businesses were closed and people were staying at home. Certainly, the legal allegations are a very unusual twist that we haven’t seen before, but no candidate with this kind of a lead has gone on to lose a presidential primary with this kind of advantage at this point of the primary season. And in fact, Donald Trump’s lead is basically twice as large as anyone who’s ever gone on to lose at this point in a primary.

So even among this group of voters, who — again, they’re willing to say that DeSantis may be more moral than Trump. But they also reject the idea that Trump has committed serious federal crimes. And they also believe that Republicans ought to stand behind Trump in the face of these allegations.